Have Topnotch and Affordable Plastering Service in Your Area!

Need quality plastering for your home or for your commercial building? Here at Whitman, MA, you can trust Joe LeMieux Plastering to do the job. We are one of the most commendable plastering contractors that provide affordable plastering services. With over 35 years of experience, we’re sure that you will never be dissatisfied with the quality of service we deliver.


Here’s what to expect from our service:


Impeccable plastering work

Whenever we provide our service, we make sure that we are doing it right. Whether you avail of our ceiling plastering or plaster repair, we see to it that from the start until the end of our service, everything is done systematically to avoid problems. Also, by the end of every plastering work, we make sure to do an inspection to see if everything is done right or if there are still problems ahead. If we see problems, we will do a follow-up service.


High-quality materials

Aside from assuring you of the quality of our service, we use high-quality materials for the plastering work. It’s an efficient way to achieve durability and longevity. Because we want you to save more, we guarantee that the results of our work are always lasting.



No need for you to spend more for plastering work. Here at Joe LeMieux Plastering, we make sure that our plastering services are priced affordably for your convenience. However, you should take note that no matter how affordable our services are, we don’t and we will not make compromises with the quality of our services or our products.


Whenever you need plastering service for your home or for your commercial area, contact Joe LeMieux Plastering directly. We provide excellent residential and commercial plastering in Whitman, MA and in . We also provide a high-quality wall board service. Call us today at (781) 635-3723 for inquiries and more details!